Different Kind of Heaven

September 2020

Music and sound design for the CGI film

Different kind of Heaven is a speculative fiction which touches the topic of environmental issues and gently goes through a period of technocracy set in the space of computer-generated images. The plot of the film is set in a (post) pandemic framework and is followed by the story of Arum (the Titan Arum-“Corpse flower”), or what is respectively left of him.

Making of the film was supported by The Slovak Arts Council, Šopa Gallery, Kino Usmev and Plants Air 2020 from Novi Sad

Concept- Directed, Written, Edited: Sanja Anđelković
Cgi design, Animation, Camera: Michal Plodek
Music, Sound, Editing: Lav Kovač
Narration: Ian Cassar- Choules, Mercedes Cassar-Choules, James Faulkner, Delphine Du Barry, Rosie Rara Avis
Film duration: 23:56min