Eastern Moon Rising

Boris Kovac & La Campanella (2014, World Music Network)

Eastern Moon Rising

Eastern Moon Rising teases itself with the notion of wreckage and disintegration but the teasing has another aspect as well, the aspect of the child who doesn’t want to go to bed. The cabaret cynicism is playful and matter-of-fact, not fatal or even destructive. There’s no need for destructiveness, the end is going to hit us regardless, we’re almost gone and even the music is superannuated. “Well, ladies and gentlemen,” it says, “here we are again.”

Deanne Solle, Pop Matters 24.02.2014

Published by World Music Network, London 2014
Produced by KACHARA MM, Bukovac, Pannonia 2010-2013.

Miloš Matić Miki – double bass  / www.facebook.com/milosmatix
Vukašin Mišković Vuki – acc. and el. guitars / vukasin_m@yahoo.com
Lav Kovač Laki – drums / www.lavkovac.com
Goran Penić Gogi – accordion, sampler  / www.facebook.com/penicgoran
Boris Kovač Boki  – soprano and alto sax, vocal  / www.boriskovac.net