Zemljani @ the Plovdiv Central Station
Performed at the Hillock Carnaval, a festival organized by Horz music collective.

Alberto Miorin – el. guitar; Vasil Hajigrudev – bass & synth; Marko Čurčić – bass; Lav Kovač – drums


DRAGON’S FUEL @ Studio 6
In the Studio 6 of Radio Belgrade broadcasted live on the Serbian national television.

Vojislav Savkov – tenor & sopran sax; Predrag Okiljević – tenor sax; Marko Čurčić – bass; Lav Kovač – drums


Zemljani in the Synagogue
We entered the Novi Sad Synagogue on one sunny autumn day in October and recorded/filmed this music motion picture. This one is dedicated to all the seekers of the meaning of life.

Alberto Miorin – el. guitar; Vasil Hajigrudev – bass & synth; Marko Čurčić – bass; Lav Kovač – drums


Lavlji Dani Dima – Is that the same distance?
The music comes from our album Dimni Lavljeg Dana and I did the video footage in the forest surrounding the village I live in. Couple of shots also feature my dog Aja enjoying her freedom in the open nature.

Dimitrije Jakovljević – el. guitar; Daniel More – double bass; Lav Kovač – drums


HAKO – To be sad or to Novi Sad
Live session from the recording of our second HAKO album.

Enrique Oliver – tenor sax; Vasil Hajigrudev – double bass; Lav Kovač – drums


Dragon’s Fuel – Liman Do Vavilona (Liman to Babylon)
Liman is a very proud neighborhood of Novi Sad, and it was where I lived for a long time. The title of the song is following the analogy of the infamous serbian phrase “Serbia to Tokio and back to Milwaukee”. A summer hit in 5/4 time.

Voja Savkov – tenor sax; Peđa Okiljević – tenor sax; Marko Čurčić – bass; Lav Kovač – drums


Sonicdystopia – Raga I
Sonic Dystopia was a band that came together and played 1 concert in CK13, Novi Sad. Luckily, the concert got recorded quite well since it turned out really amazing. When this one happened, it was as if the sky opened up and some force of nature got channeled through us, especially Alberto Miorin (the slide guitar and souring organ-like guitar that you hear) who plays every note as if he wanted to hand us out his soul on a plate. True magic.

Christian Kuhn – el. guitar; Alberto Miorin – el. guitar; Marko Čurčić – bass; Lav Kovač – drums


HAKO – Raga I
Another completely different take on the same tune. What i enjoy the most about this record we did with Hakos is the strong interplay between the three of us. It reminds me of a baroque-like sense of drive and melodies that intertwine and feed from each other.

Enrique Oliver – tenor sax; Vasil Hadzhigrudev – double bass; Lav Kovač – drums

Ingmar Duo – I kissed Katy Perry
My dear friend and colleague Slobodanka Stević of piano duo Ingmar came one day with a proposal for me – to write a 4-hands piano piece based of a pop song that everybody (voluntarily or involuntarily) knows. I picked Katy Perry’s “I kissed a girl”.

Slobodanka Stević, Aleksandar Gligić – piano


Howling Owl – Watch Out
Each Howling Owl song has a specific mood and character, and then inside each song the mood usually changes too. We couldn’t be at one place for longer than a chorus. This one was really fun to play live.

Evija Vebere – vocals, synth; Lav Kovač – drums, synth


Phantasmagoria – PARK PARK PARK
My mother is the biggest fan of me and also of this song i wrote.

Evija Vebere – vocals; Marta Warelis – keys; Miguel Petruccelli – el. guitar; Giuseppe Doronzo – baritone sax; Marko Čurčić – bass; Lav Kovač – drums


Boris Kovač – Traveling Music
A wheel of intermingling melodies rolling along the Turkish Kaldrma road.

Boris Kovač – reeds; Jasna Jovićević – reeds; Slobodanka Stević – piano; Siniša Mazalica – double bass; Lav Kovač – drums


Lav Kovač’s BAD HABITS – Weathers
A recording from my bachelor final exam concert, that got me graduated from the Prins Claus Conservatory in Groningen.

Giuseppe Doronzo – baritone sax; Alberto MIorin – el. guitar; Jorrit Westerhof -el. guitar; Marko Čurčić – bass; Aleksandar Škorić – percussion; Lav Kovač – drums, laptop


KUHN FU In Turkey
A ‘behind the scenes on the road’ insight to WHO, ACTUALLY, IS KUHN FU? Esat mostly filmed it, I edited it later and made into a 10 minute movie.

starring: C. Kuhn, Z. Taubenfeld, E. Ekincioglu, L. Kovač