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 “…The free-form flow of jazz drumming identified itself as critical to the sonic texture of the film, and we were lucky enough to book Serbian jazz drummer Lav Kovač. His nuanced and creative impulses added so much to the character of the film.” – D. Grabowski, on composing the soundtrack to “Groomsperson”

I’ve listened to some of the domestic jazz albums much more than the “top” foreign releases which are probably “objectively” better, whatever that means. In the first place is Dragon’s Fuel and their great album of this year “Fruška Džungla”… The album also has a specific production “audiophile” note, it is very warm, and maybe one of the few jazz albums that will offer at least equally exciting home listening, as the one at concerts.” – Nikola Marković –

“Lav Kovač and the group inherited a more measured British version, compared to the wild New York version of neo-jazz-rock, but no less eclectic, witty and playful. On the new album, Ivan Burka (marimba, vibraphone and percussion) joined the line-up, which brought a greater focus of the band on the songs themselves, that is, careful playing around a beautiful melody as a central arrangement concept. Due to this instrumental addition, associations with exoticism as a musical subgenre of the late fifties are unavoidable. Dragon’s Fuel may have lost its edge, but it has gained in maturity, volume in sound and above all in the ability to evolve and grow and develop as a band.” Hi-Files magazine

“The Novi Sad drummer Lav Kovač was no less fruitful. He started his career in his father Boris’ lineups, then studied in the Netherlands, and finally returned to Serbia, where he now performs and records with a number of bands and projects. If we had to single out one album project from last year, it would probably be Dragon’s Fuel”Nikola Marković, “Jazz in Serbia: a year of soaring creativity“,

“It would be too simplistic and superficial to label Lav Kovač (1991) as a “jazz drummer”, although he undoubtedly is one. If we stick to that context, he deserves to be characterized as one of the leaders of the new Serbian jazz scene, one that escapes clichés, our cultural ideas (prejudices?) about the academic seriousness of this genre.” – Interview for Noizz