I’ve made computer music since i discovered Fruity Loops at age 11. I’ve made hundreds of songs, some of which are really terrible. But it all played a big part in my learning music. And it used to be such fun for me to make. I’ve included some of my favorite on this page. More are available for listening on my Soundcloud.


Big Heist of the Grand Budapest
After watching too many Wes Anderson movies and actually visiting a hotel in Switzerland that reminded very much of the one from his latest movie.

Hope you sleep tight tonight
Ballad for a good sleep in hope of a better tomorrow, for all the hopeless romantics out there. Overdubbed bass guitar with fx maybe 15 times.

Peruvians on Speed
An almost annoying patchwork.

Philip’s Lunch Break
I imagined Philip Glass’ everyday activities couldn’t be less intense than his music, this is how i had heard his lunch break. Now i think its an interpretation of my own lunch break.

Toxic Hazard at Dr. Taubenfeld Laboratory
The air got polluted after a space crash at Dr. Taubenfeld laboratory where the toxic green plant was being examined at that very moment by the doctor himself.