Mapping the Unknown

Lav Kovač [Horz, 2018]

  LAV KOVAČ piano Mixed & Mastered by DIMITRIJE JAKOVLJEVIĆ   Captured in Studio KACHARA, ...

moan cover


Noam Margolin & Lavlji Dani Dima [Horz, 2020]

NOAM MARGOLIN tenor sax   with   LAVLJI DANI DIMA   DIMITRIJE JAKOVLJEVIĆ piano DANIEL MORE double bass, gadulka LAV KOVAČ drums, piano   Mixing & editing DIMITRIJE JAKOVLJEVIĆ   Cover photo TIKI ...

hako cover web

Birth of the first male child

HAKO [Horz, 2019]

In what is their second album, Hajigrudev/Kovač/Oliver expand on their language of interplay and dig deeper into the meanings of playing as a trio – this time leaning on the basis of very diverse compositions brought by all three of them. Recorded carefully by Dima ...


Dimni Lavljeg Dana

Lavlji Dani Dima [Horz, 2018]

DIMNI LAVLJEG DANA [HORZ006, 2018] Performed by DIMITRIJE JAKOVLJEVIĆ electric guitar DANIEL MORE double bass, percussion LAV KOVAČ  drums, piano   All selections by LAVLJI DANI DIMA Produced by LAVLJI DANI DIMA Recorded in KACHARA studio, ...



[HORZ 2018]

SCHIMNIK [HORZ005 - 2018] VASIL HAJIGRUDEV bass & synths LAV KOVAČ drums & synths   Recorded, mixed, mastered & produced by DIMITRIJE JAKOVLJEVIĆ Recorded in KACHARA studio, Bukovac, Serbia in March 2018 whole album ...


8 Steps to the front door

[HORZ 2018]

  Performed by ALBERTO MIORIN electric guitar VASIL HAJIGRUDEV bass & synth MARKO ČURČIĆ bass LAV KOVAČ drums Concept & Directions in music LAV KOVAČ Recorded, mixed, mastered & produced by DIMITRIJE JAKOVLJEVIĆ Recorded in ...