My name is Lav Kovač, born in Novi Sad, Serbia in 1991 and i mostly work as a musician, primarily as a drummer, keyboardist, composer & improviser, and i occasionally do other things in life.

Being exposed to very peculiar music of avant-garde, contemporary classical, folk and jazz from when i was zero years old, i’ve developed a strange taste for music that is guiding me both consciously and subconsciously in my strivings for musical expression ever since i’ve started making and playing music, beginnings of which were when i was 4 years old and had successfully performed “Grandma bullshits” with a neighbor friend, an infant-punk original of ours (a style which i came back to only once again in 2014 with the band The HADJ & Assistant).

Major musical influence for me was playing with my father, Boris Kovač, in various groups, with whom i’ve toured regularly since 2008. The creative necessity in me was nurtured by my mother, Ivana Inđin.

From 2005-2009, while studying classical percussion with the great teacher Srđan Palačković, I’ve performed with the classical accordeon orchestra AKUD “Sonja Marinković” led by Goran Penić, playing contemporary music alongside 30+ accordions (!!?) and it is another strong experience that has influenced me both as a composer and as a drummer.

About that time I’ve also started messing in Fruity Loops, making weird electronic music, which has become my main tool for music experimentation and you can hear some of its “fruits” HERE.

Since 2008, i’m active as a jazz drummer as well and up to now i’ve played with many of the musicians from my hometown of Novi Sad, Mother and Father Land of Serbia, as well as playing with some internationally known names and acts.

2011-2015 I studied at the Prins Claus Conservatorium in Groningen, Netherlands, with Steve Altenberg, a truly inspiring human. There I’ve met most of the musicians that i’m still sharing the stage with, an array of most peculiar characters breeding on this planet.

Some bands i’ve played with since then are

KUHN FU, with which I’ve performed over a 100 concerts all over Europe and recorded two great Jazz-Rock albums Kuhnstantinopolis [2015] and Kuhnspiracy [2017]

Howling Owl was an Avant-Pop duo of Evija Vebere and me, our take on pop that has had some great response both from audience and from critics.

In May 2018, I’ve contributed to the birth of Horz, a creative music collective – together with Vasil Hajigrudev, Marko Čurčić, Predrag Okiljević, Daniel More, Dimitrije Jakovljević, Vojislav Savkov, Alberto Miorin, etc… establishing the bands: Zemljani, HAKO, Dragon’s Fuel, Lavlji Dani Dima.

In 2019 i got an opportunity to create music for Iztok Kovač‘s dance performance “Vertigo Birds“, production of EN-KNAP company, Ljubljana.

Also, as of the last couple of years you could have seen me perform with Majamisty Trio, Svetlana Spajić, Milena Jančurić group, Gerecki; playing restaurant jazz & weddings; dancing in the clubs.