February 2021
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music & sound design for dance performance

How do we perceive the thinking mind? What is it to discover our ˝thinking˝ and our ˝doubts˝? There are six very different characters inhabiting the same space under the box of their Ego. Can one thought affect the other? What do they have in common? During our lives we are confronted by many stages of personhood, from the school boy to the lover, the soldier, the judge, the jester, and finally old age. In all of this, we remain the same person, however, through time our thoughts and opinions change. It’s a whole process, becoming our true selves. The question is who is doing this thinking? Who or what is this entity that produces these thoughts, these opinions, and these doubts?

There is no answer. There are only good questions, questions we tire ourselves out with trying to answer, until we just don’t care anymore, and start enjoying… it is what it is. A step back from ourselves, out of the box we live in, to laugh and cry, to be melancholic and sharp. The piece is showing the big picture of one’s life through the ups and downs.
We are all Cogito, the black box is our mind, six lives in one, and the absolute freedom to exist and become our thoughts. Before you there is a full evening performance as a concert of minds, a movie of thoughts, a dance of emotions.