Howling Owl



Latvian keyboardist Evija Vebere met up with Serbian drummer Lav Kovac and together they decided to make a strange concoction of wild angular rhythmic music that combines a manic childlike energy with an eclectic imagination. Wrapped around Evija’s faintly frightening fairytale lyrics, it is made all the more disturbing by being part-sung part-screamed by the charming ecstatic child-like elfin Evija. Lav’s drumming is imaginative and exploratory. Only a year old, they are a band we expect to hear a lot more of. (JS)

-Brighton Source

Evija Vebere – vocals, microKORG synth
Lav Kovač – drums, keyboards & laptop

Howling Owl called their music avant-pop but are dubbed by some as having “the most eclectic, liberal approach to modern music.” They transform from song to song like a chameleon, bravely walks on the rocky borders of the energy of punk, transcendent states of minimalism, with a guilty pleasure for catchy melodies.
The band has quickly established itself as one of the most unique and promising new acts in Europe. They have been invited to festivals such as The Great Escape (UK), Liverpool Sound City (UK), Positivus (LV), Waves (SK), Glimps (BE), and had received very positive response both from audience and critics.

It’s their charming, fun energy that does it, it seems. Evija Vebere came from a fairy tale. Lav Kovac escaped the heated asphalt of post-war. They formed a bubble, making music, everyday, Howling Owl is their life-story being played out in synths and subtlety.

In 2015 they released their debut EP Dance For Common Sense, featuring what quickly became a live favourite at Sound City, Watch Out. They since followed up and impressive outing at The Great Escape with ‘new howl’ Tic Tac. An impressive hybrid of Evija’s vocal charm and throbbing synth, and Lav’s frantic drumming sequences. Their vast progression is clear and they’re onto something special, very special.

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