KUHN FU You can never get comfortable with any of the tracks and that is a good thing as this style of music is made to be radical and shifting under your feet. KUHNSPIRACY is not for the faint of heart, but adventurous music lovers may just get the right kick from their ...


Howling Owl

HOWLING OWL Latvian keyboardist Evija Vebere met up with Serbian drummer Lav Kovac and together they decided to make a strange concoction of wild angular rhythmic music that combines a manic childlike energy with an eclectic imagination. Wrapped around Evija’s faintly ...



PHANTASMAGORIA Phantasmagoria was the first (more serious) band i had playing my own original music, consisting of some great musicians and close friends. Not much documentation is left of this band, apart from a weird photoshoot we did and a few live ...


Boris Kovac New Ritual Group

Boris Kovač - alto, soprano saxophone, melodica Slobodanka Stević - piano Siniša Mazalica - double bass Lav Kovač - drums Past member Jasna Jovićević - alto & soprano ...


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Hako’s Trios

[2017, Rizoma Records]

 HAKOS TRIOS released May 15, 2017 This bulgarian/serbian/spanish double trio is a great example of world music influences in composing for improvisers. Almost a home recording, this album captures first time encounter of these players, interpreting original ...