Catalogue of Memories

Boris Kovac (2012, ReR London)

Catalogue Of Memories

More than a quarter of a century ago, during his first recordings as composer, musician and musical director, Boris Kovač used his Ritual Nova group to break many rules and destroy many boundaries…Being forever outside one’s time, denying time through one’s work is dangerous. This is an artist who gazes into the abyss, and the abyss looks away nervously.
Boris Kovač studied to be a philosopher but developed into a musician and composer… and should you go see him perform live today, he would be doing the only thing he was never taught to do: dance. 
Catalogue of Memories is a distilled package of his musical interests, a compendium of all the contemplations, rituals, dances and other movements he learned in much the same way he learned to play music – mostly on his own.
Catalogue of Memories celebrates musical memories from before we were born, while it also maps futures…It sets us free to be whoever we wish to be – even if only ourselves.

Uroš Smiljanić, from the CD booklet

Produced by KACHARA in 2012.
Distributed by ReR MEGACORP.UK

Performed by New Ritual Ensemble:

Aleksandra Krčmar – I violin
Slobodanka Stević – piano
Svetlana Spajić – alto
Boris Kovač – reeds
Siniša Mazalica – double bass
Lav Kovač – drums / percussion
Saša Panić – basoon
Goran Penić – accordion
Jelena Filipović – viola
Jovanka Mazalica – II violin
Timea Kalmar – cello
Vukašin Mišković – classical guitar
guests: Milan Nenin, guitar (1), Ištvan Čik, percussion (9)