Chamber Music

Boris Kovac (2010, Long Arms)

Chamber Music

“Kovač’s musical vision is unique to our region due to its amalgamation of otherwise incompatible elements. It reflects a permanent restless hesitation, the doubts and dilemmas of the thinking man’s intellect. It goes beyond the traditional, pre-conscious forms of folk music, in which the same questions and answers have been repeated for decades, even centuries.
Kovač’s “Chamber Music” is an extraordinarily compelling overview of the fascinating career of an artist who never composes music because it feels good, but because it is the only way for him to survive in a world that is never the right one…”

Uroš Smiljanić, Jazzin

Published in 2010 by LONG ARMS, Russia, B92, Serbia (for Serbia) and Ad HOC Records, US
Performed by the Sunny Orchestra:

Svetlana Spajić – alto
Milica Šuica – mezzosoprano
Aleksnadra Krčmar – violin
Timea Kalmar – cello
Saša Panić – bassoon
Boris Kovač – alto & soprano sax
Slobodanka Stević – piano
Ivana Pavlović – harp
Lav Kovač – percussion