30 Jun 2018 Martin Sturm / Boris Kovač / Lav Kovač Belgrade Dani Orgulja Dani Orgulja
10 Jul 2018 Akshani Project Murter, CRO Festival Slobodne Glazbe Festival Slobodne Glazbe
21 Jul 2018 Dragon's Fuel Novi Sad Galerija ITD Galerija ITD
28 Jul 2018 Dragon's Fuel Novi Sad, Serbia Brod Teatar Brod Teatar
07 Sep 2018 Hako's Pleven, BG Autumn Jazz Festival Autumn Jazz Festival
21 Sep 2018 Boris Kovač New Ritual Group Timisoara, RO


Over the last six months there has been some creatively steaming activity in Novi Sad invloving a whole group of musicians/artists. Six music albums of original music were recorded, five of which i took part in. Few artists did the album covers then. We called the whole thing Horz, kind of like a music label but hoping perhaps to involve different forms of creative expression… we’ll see where it goes.

There is some truly great music to hear, if you hop onto – there is something peculiar for everyone with a bit of an adventurous music taste.

Thanks to all involved in making this happen.

Schimnik on tour or “The Secret of Tuning to 432hz”

I’m happy not to know what this duo is going to sound like, at all. Apart from the fact that Vasil tuned his Ableton live set to 432hz and that i should do the same before meeting to work the material. Why 432hz i asked? Apparently, 8hz is the resonance of Earth, its “heartbeat”. 432hz resonates with 8hz. There is an article about it: